Build custom workflows and integrations between your favourite apps in minutes

Low-code automation tools let you visually build workflows to solve complex problems – the way you imagine them in your mind.

Use a drag-and-drop builder to connect apps in a few clicks, and build workflows called scenarios.

Build projects with as many steps or apps as you need.

Build your scenario and watch it run in real time. Schedule your scenario to run instantly or whenever you need it.

Are low-code automation and development the same thing?

While coming from a similar approach, low-code automation is a little different from low-code tools used to build applications for web or mobile. With automation tools we aren’t building a software application to be used directly end users but instead the low-code development approach is used have a process automatically done for us.

Effectively, low-code automation is the method of automatically executing a process without human intervention, and without the use of code. Using no-code automation, you could automate processes such as invoicing, customer testimonial collection, and even contract creation.

Get repetitive tasks done on autopilot

If you review the tasks your team does on a daily basis, you’ll likely find many of them to be mundane and repetitive. Click this, then that. Drag this file here and move this card there. Copy and paste this string of text 10 times.

These tasks are important – they keep your operations running smoothly. But having your team execute such tasks manually isn’t the best use of their expertise or time.

No-code automation can help relieve your teams of such repetitive tasks while ensuring they still get done.

Scale your operations quicker

Even if with experienced programmers on your team, there are benefits to automating your processes with no-code. With your no-code automation tool doing most – if not all – of the heavy lifting for you, you can ship your automations quicker than coding them from scratch.

Analyst reports suggest that developing software using no-code or low-code applications could help cut development time by as much as 90%.

Think of no-code automation as the shortcut for getting the same work done in much less time, so you have more hours in the day to grow your business.

Optimise your workforce

Low-code automation can optimise how your teams spend their precious time at work with some of their responsibilities automated, they’re free to take on others so you don’t have to hire more staff for the job.

As a result, you cultivate an efficient and productive environment in which your teams can make the most of their knowledge and skills, while aiding morale by taking out those boring tasks that no-one enjoys.